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Awesome was a game just full of BUGS!!!! I had to take it back because it wouldn't let me get past a certain level. Shadow of the Beast is Graphics over gameplay. A good idea in theory but badly executed due to it's difficulty. Who completed it, not many. Hired Guns too difficult again. Psygnosis knew how to do graphics on the Amiga, but their gameplay lacked. I would agree that Lemmings is a good game. Brian the Lion was ok, it wasn't anything special. Yeah your lion, yeah you go over jungle areas, yeah you fight the bear etc..etc.. But it is certainly not the greatest game around. I thought Kid Chaos was better. Agony, yeah nice music, nice graphics, but the gameplay is alittle shallow. Hold your button down and that's basically it. Yes I know you have spells too...but I spent most of my time just holding the button down.

Oh and don't forget other essential psygnosis games like....Infestation, Nitro, Killing Game Show, Baal, Ballistix etc...Next you will be saying their good too.... Sheesh!! They are average at best.

Psygnosis deserve respect for their graphics and intro sequences, but not really over their gameplay. Lemmings is probably the exception.

Just my two pennies worth,
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