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Well rattus you could always refer to Fred's other Atari ST thread listing many exclusive games for the good old ST.

Bah, I miss the days of all-in-one computers.

Anyway, this reminds me of Galahads conversion thread, which finally resulted in a Super Sprint conversion attempt. Never was finished as far as I can tell.

Had an ST for nearly three years before buying the Amiga Batman pack. Great machine with a good scene and user base. Many early ST titles were better because the Amiga suffered poor conversions, often running slower too due to its lower clocked 68000. These games, like Falcon, Defender of the Crown, Dungeon Master, Xenon, Gauntlet, Barbarian, Super Sprint, Oids etc were fantastic on the ST, especially after jumping up from a Speccy! Left the ST at the right time though - after the Batman pack was when the miggy really started to shine....
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