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Nice detailed info Thomas. That at least helps me to make an informative choice.

Do you know if the Blitter does the redrawing for damaged/covered windows in Smart refresh also, using less CPU?

Ultimately I want to know the best settings for Scalos and MUI in a) AGA native screen b) P96 screen. Iíd imagine MUI is best left to smart with its complex details.

Scalos is confusing Ė itís hard to test which is faster on an emulator! Iíve tried opening several windows and cycling through them using the depth gadget, but canít notice any difference. I remember using SmartWB (smart refresh) on my A1200 in normal (non-scalos) workbench and depth cycling was considerably faster, at the sacrifice of a little ram as you said.

Unless anyone knows better, I guess Iíll just leave Scalos on Simple as this was its default choice, uses less memory, claims to be confusingly faster in the readme and Iím unable to test the benefits of setting it to Smart.

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