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Eagleplayer now GPL

Eagleplayer, the famous music player is now free and released under GPL

Eagleplayer was written by Jan Blumenthal and Henryk Richter, formally known as Eagleeye & Buggs of Defect.
It was originally released as shareware. Due to the other commitments, we are not able to continue our development of Eagleplayer. Therefore, we decided to release the source code of Eagleplayer under GPL. Maybe, there are a few idealists still using Amiga computers and like to enhance Eagleplayer.

As already stated, Eagleplayer is from version 2.04 on licensed under the GNU General Public License.
In short, this means Eagleplayer is now free and it is meant to stay that way. The chosen license grants everybody the right to obtain, use, and modify freely. There is however the obligation of retaining the authors and GPL copyright notices. For detailed information regarding the GPL, please read the file COPYING. Non-free licenses for using our code base in a closed source
environment are available on request.
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