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Originally Posted by Photon
An AmigaDOS formatted harddisk stuck in a PC, that WinUAE can access? How the he**!??!
Will I get WB2.05+ with my A1200 then? Otherwise I'm stuck.
That also hinges on me getting WB 2.05+ with the A1200.

But thanks for the tips, will consider it. If you can, please respond to my doubts in this post.

Yes an Amiga formatted HD can be used in a PC and WinUAE can access it, do a search on these here forums for more info

An A1200 should come with WB3.0 as a minimum so that'll be fine (anything newer than wb2.05 should do the job)

you'll need to ensure a HD comes with the 1200 or simply put your own in
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