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Bippym: Thanks for the offer, I'll take you up on that sometime when I've ripped & sorted my collection. Are the AF coverdiscs publicly available, if not I'll post my rips up to the newsgroups so anyyone can grab copies, or are they your private collection?

I've checked the TOSEC dat and I've got AFCD3 (but see below ) and 10 or so CUCD discs that aren't listed I've just started ripping the first of these and will try and get it uploaded to ab.emulators.misc and a.b.e.amiga tonight before I start drinking. I'd welcome any comments on that if anyone has any probs.

I can uplaod it to your ftp at a later date BippyM if you aren't able to get it from the newsgroups, I'd rather release it this way as one upload from me (at a SLOOOW 20kbs) will let anyone whose interested get the files.

Idoru: I'm not sure whether the [!] is good or bad, could you let me know as if there are bad rips of some of the files I've got then I can upload them as well.

lloyd: I've got the AF August 96 cd, but I tried to rip it yesterday and it wouldn't rip!! I'll try again on other computers/drives to see if I can get it sorted

I think that covers everythimg!!
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