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Originally Posted by DPainter
You could use DISK2FDI under the following conditions: two floppy drives, a bootable DOS diskette, and a FAT16 or FAT32 formatted partition on which to copy the DISK2FDI dumps.

If you have a small hard drive sitting around somewhere you could format it to FAT32, etc, etc.
The disk2fdi site is down. And yes, I tried both the new and old url. So I can't read up on what it is capable of.

I would really like to have my W2k or XP partition running (both FAT32) while both reading and preferably writing disks, so I won't have to repartition the disk and install Windows 98. I *really* dislike Windows 98. W2k is soo stable.

The Catweasle could do that, I suppose, and it costs 100 Euros, which is just about what I can bear. Is it the best solution? Will it throw up on read/write errors or produce an almost working .adf which gives read/write error when emulated?

Can't find any purchasing info here

so where can I buy it?

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