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I would like to ask Toni, when did you feel it was feasible to tackle this project? Did you feel the task was impossible emulating the Amiga on a PC? What was the biggest hurdle or milestone for you? To see it run for the first time? The sense of achievement must have made you and your team feel so happy!!

I would like to thank Toni and Co. too. I have to admit they have done a fantastic job of re-creating my childhood youth and I thank them sincerely for their work and determination in keeping the Amiga scene alive and kicking along with all of you. It must have been a difficult task knowing what was possible, and at the beginning seeing if everything would turn out the way you thought it would. Being able to Play Turrican again was one of the highlights for me, to be able to run and jump past the lightning bolts, it felt just like I had a REAL Amiga in front of me. The sense of nostalgia and accuracy with the emulator is quite overwhelming. Toni, the most special part for me was when you included the sound of the Amiga 500's floppy drive...I was so surprised!! A very nice touch, which I didn't think would be included in any shape or form in the emulation of the Amiga.

Please keep up the good work Toni & Co. Many of us here appreciate your hard work and contribution to the emulation scene.

Your the best, and Bernd & Stephan for making such a great piece of software.

You deserve a pint from every member here at EAB, but then again you might not be able to continue work for several weeks.. And we wouldn't want that folks now would we?

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