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I must look some up... Oddly enough, I can remember real names better than (most) scene names

There was Carl, from Silica Systems, lived down in Maidstone when I was in Chatham... last spoke to him about 3-4 years ago, after an I-dont-know-how-long gap...

Rob Hardy, who moved to Hull from Germany in the mid-90's

Gary Bews, lost contact with him after he moved from Blandford

Couple guys from Bournemouth, one who wrote the BBS s/w to challenge Ami/X

Dangermouse (Dave) who used to run The Tower BBS, moved to New Zealand in 1993/4

James, sysop of a large scene bbs that was busted.... was it an FLT bbs? One of the biggest in UK. Cant remember name

Dan, sysop of Oasis, Freeze, sysop of The Fridge (where I co-sys'd), lost contact back in the mid-90's.... heck, and a lot of guys I last met at the LSD(?) copy party somewhere up North in 1993/4
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