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Scanning my demo collection & put on the web


I'm new here on the forum, so please tell me if I've posted in the wrong forum (or move the thread if you're an admin ).

I was a prominent demo coder in the golden (imo) era of Amiga demos, 1987 to 1991-92. As a result I have an extensive collection of demo compilation disks from that time. I have only found a very few sites hosting demos from this era, and many of them have the same "famous" demos that everyone already has, or lacks many milestone demos.

The nostalgia bug has bitten me and I thought I'd spend part of my xmas holidays scanning Amiga demos from my old 880k disks and uploading them somewhere to share with Amiga fans.

I have two questions:
1. Which is the best solution for scanning 80-100 disks efficiently? (That costs less than $100, preferably.) If it requires that a transfer program is run on the Amiga 500, how do I get the transfer program to the A500? I have Diskmaster 2.3 on Amiga disk but not Directory Opus.

2. Where can I upload the disk files?

Thanks for any help,
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