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We live in different cities, but Uncle Tom (the world famous musician!!! :P) is still my friend and we keep in touch almost daily. Before we both left the Amiga scene in like '92 or '93, we were in the same demo group (Scoopex). Ever since '93 he's been in the Arcade Scene and he has about 200 arcade game PCB sets, feel free to visit Arkadtorget if you understand Swedish :P

Another one of my best friends is Core of Phenomena, which lost interest in Amiga before I did. We keep in touch regularly, but not as often as we used to. He's now an engineer at Sony Ericsson, developing operating systems for mobiles and handhelds.

I myself am studying my last year of Game Programming, after which I'll study two years 3D modelling and animation unless I get a job programming.

Mahoney still recognizes my voice right away when I call He's done a couple PC demos and released all his music and some of his demo stuff. I'm sure you all know the URL.
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