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Floppy disk WinUAE appreciation thread

Many of us use winuae/amiga emulators and pretty much take it for granted. Yes, we leave comments saying thanks and such but do we ever really appreciate the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes? Probably not, because in truth we’re not aware of what actually does go on.

Well, that’s what this thread is for! I’d like to know from Toni and the crew just how much work goes on behind the scenes. People who are involved in the other platform ports, I’d like to hear from them too.

Overall an insight into the virtual Amiga would be nice just as we’ve had in the past for the real machines multiple times before in this forum. After all, as real machines die out this will be the lone representative classic Amiga of the future.

For instance:

How many hours of coding and testing go on during the average week?
How many peeps are involved?

Just brief comments would suffice if at all possible.
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