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Currently massaging my spare 1200 motherboard into a compaq deskpro case - fits extremely snug with a micronik busboard - will have to cut out backplate & raise case top though to allow zorro cards to fit. And rehouse the psu...
That keyboard problem's a bit of a stumper aswell, what with having no adapter :¬(

All good clean fun though.
Forgot to mention the 2 A500+, the 3 A500s (1x 1 meg) and the 2 A600s which are stuck in various drawers - an ebay haul form about 2 years ago!

Could really do with a filing cabinet drawer to mount them ALL in, hook up a multi switch box & network the 8u99ers together (you can but dream....). Wish I had the programming knowledge to be able to do it though.
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