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Rainbow Islands - Is There A Complete Amiga Version?

The conversion of Rainbow Islands to the Amiga is missing the final three 'hidden' islands included in the coin-op. These islands were revealed if the player collected the large gem from the final baddy room on each islands (the gem in turn unlocked by collecting all the smaller rainbow diamonds in the correct order).

According to Issue 1 of Amiga Power (May 1991) Gary Penn writes:
"The problem [of the missing islands] stems from the fact that when Graftgold started working on it they realised a few compromises would have to be made. Apparently the team orignally implemented everything that was in the coin-op, but found they had to drop quite a bit due to memory restrictions (and considering the arcade original has over 2Mb of graphic data alone, you can begin to appreciate the reasons why!"

This is open to interpretation but it does suggest that the game was cut down after some work had already been done. If only they had the extra resources to do it.

Do you think any code remains or is anyone up to the task of 'adding' the final levels? A tall order I know but do any other conversions have the full quota?
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