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Rainbow Islands - Candyland

Just stumbled across this game, downloaded and played it for all of 5 minutes.

It's a PeeCee remake of Rainbow Islands - but IMHO a piss poor one.

And the worst part is it's a 60 minute trial, to play the full version you need to pay US$20 !!!

Whilst I'm all for freeware games remakes and/or licenced remakes I am left wondering about the legitimacy of this game and if they got the permission from the copyright holders of Rainbow Islands (Taito????).

I've just done a whois on the website and seen it's registered to a Russian company, and the developers all have Russian sounding names - so I suppose anything regarding copyright is now unimportant !

The best thing to do if you like this game is go search on emule, download a free pirated copy.
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