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Thanks for the welcome!

Really, I wasn't expecting you to change the introduction - I was quite proud to note that AIAB was indeed the first link in the introduction! Actually, it was just a suggestion that should you ever put together a credits/thankyou list, you would include my name and a weblink. Or, perhaps the next time you're editing the startup-sequence (the file copy part), you could add a comment (as in a line beginning with a colon ';') somewhere near the top.

Anyway, thanks again for your reply and comments; I'm glad someone picked up on the attention to detail...!

Good job with your ClassicWB package - the P96 version is a very good basis for harddrive installed games and most other harddisk software, without all the hacks running in the background that AIAB is guilty of!

Take it easy,

ps. In which year was AmigaForever first released? I cannot be sure, but I'd hazard a guess that it was before AIAB debuted... indeed, I have a vague recollection of recieving an email from Michael expressing concern over the legality of the package; this was in the days when AIAB was a just a zip archive uploaded to my personal homepage on Xoom, intended for a few friends on IRC!

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