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Great to hear from you James and by the way, AIAB is still the most popular package for UAE I see mentioned across boards. Youíve done the community a proud service and Iíd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work.

As youíve probably read, my packages are primarily for real Amigaís and not emulation. As a result, the programs installed are geared/limited towards working well on 020 slow Amigaís and therefore intend to target a different user base than AIAB, hence the ďClassicĒ label.

I only ever suggest the ClassicWB setup to peeps with real machines Ė the P96 version isnít optimised fully from a visual standpoint for UAE in the same way as your superb original and never will be; itís just a quick conversion included for those familiar with the ClassicWB environment wanting to make use of JIT speeds.

As for giving you credits on my side, your site is the very first link in the ClassicWB web page/manual introduction! When I have time I can re-write the introduction if you wish and give more history about your package, although it is all on your site for everyone to read. Last thing I want to do is to create a sense of injustice however, so post here or pm me about any concerns and Iíll address them.

It would be nice if you had time to bring AIAB up-to-date; as Iíve already said above your package is unique and offers a totally different Amiga experience to the others. Itís a very mature package and (even though it isnít the most up-to-date) still represents a great downloadable setup for exploiting the full benefits of UAE.

Every time I boot AIAB I have total respect for what you achieved and the attention to detail displayed throughout. It holds a special place in Amiga emulation history that canít be forgotten Ė Iíve met VERY few Amiga emu people who havenít heard of the famous AIAB.

Welcome to EAB - I hope you stick around.

EDIT: For now, I've added AIAB and Amigaforever here and listed them as the original "pre-installed" workbench concept. In the future I'll re-write the introduction and web page/manual to provide more history and better credits.

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