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Green5 - Long lost unreleased Amiga game


I wrote a game about 10 years ago for the Amiga called Green5, it took 2 years to make, and I had Core Design, Virgin, and EA all interested in publishing it. However, the Amiga then started to die, and it's only hope was then PD, where it was one of Amiga Format's top 10 PD games of the year. It's often been compared to Flashback and Another World, which I must admit, I took as great sources of inspiration.

Anyway, I've just managed to resurrect the full game with an emulator, and have bundled it up in an installer. I'd just like to finally share it with anyone who's interested, just to feel better about 2 years going down the drain. But then that's what the games industry is all about I spose Although I now work at Sony Europe, so it aint so bad.

Anyway, you'll find a link to it at the following URL. It's free, so ignore the bit where it asks for money. If you'd like to support my (lost) cause, you could always buy Saint Paint or Talking Time Keeper instead!

Cheers all
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