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The Amiga section of my lab is as follows:

Amiga 1200, Microbotics RAM/FPU expansion, 4(6.4)GB HD, PCMCIA network, external floppies.

Amiga 2000, 68030/SCSI, 2GBHD, need a network card

The 2000 and 1200 are switched on a 1942 monitor. I really need a scandoubler.

Amiga 500, Some generic BBC and RAM expansion, my own RAM hack, PAL/NTSC switch, A590, 1.2GB of storage, and a PC drive that works great as DF0: (cable hack). This 500 is the worst-hacked box I've ever seen, all the chips came from different units, many of the traces are burned off of the board and replaced with wire, and the case has been hacked to accomodate the PC floppy. Still, It runs great.

On the shelf I've got 2 1000's, 4 or 5 500's in various states of repair (mostly working), and a bin full of 501's, 520's, 590's, and other odds and ends for the 500's.

I really want a 3000, 4000, 600, and an '040 expansion for my 1200.

Oh yeah, and I've got an adapter that gives my 500 a Zorro slot on the sidecar bus (IIRC) that came with the Spirit ATA adapter (Used to run my BBS on that bugger with a full-height 5MB MFM drive that sounded like dying goats when it accessed).
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