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Score Board Miss Ford....

Long time, no update but worry not EAB peepulation the moment for monumental excitement has arrived with another worldwide phenomenon extravaganza!

First up a bit of titillating news most important to you all - I'm extremely pleased to announce that the unmovable statistic of 100% ClassicWB users remains untouched, even with the addition of six new countries!

*Applause proceeds orderly with chanting of my name*

Seems you peeps just can’t lap up enough of this workbench wonder. Easy now gannets, RCK only has a limited bandwidth you know.

So what new lands have presented themselves this time EABers, adding to the tally of Amiga greatness?

Welcome please the nations of:

New Zealand
and FINALLY Northern Ireland. Thought for a moment there England were going to have to hold up the UK’s respect all by ourselves.

Welcome dear brothers to our Amiga shrine and thank you for installing the greatest operating system available today.

*Applause plus ClassicWB banners appear in a timely fashion*

Thankyou, thankyou, you are all too kind. Tshirts available separately.

Drum roll please. Here is the latest update:



Key: Nation/Owners/Systems

England [24] [95]
USA [7] [47]
Germany [7] [33]

Australia [5] [35]
Canada [3] [6]

Finland [2] [19]

=France [2] [10]
=Sweden [2] [10]
=Norway [2] [5]
=Greece [2] [5]

Spain [2] [3]
Netherlands [2] [2]

Portugal [1] [6]

=Denmark [1] [3]
=Northern Ireland [1] [3]

=Argentina [1] [2]
=Brazil [1] [2]
=Poland [1] [2]
=Italy [1] [2]
=Newzeland [1] [2]

=Switzerland [1] [1]
=Croatia [1] [1]


Total Users: 70
Total Amiga's: 294

Percentage running Classic WB : 100% (unconfirmed)


Germany regain their third slot stolen last time cruelly by Australia, who I might add failed in their bid to win the Rugby world cup.

Finland climb to a respectable 6th position. Greece somehow manages to free themselves from the bottom feeding trash to peak into the mid division, as do the Netherlands and Spain.

Portugal just manages to stay clear of the scrap in the sparsely populated regions where Amiga influence is in much need of boost, perhaps by an England aid & relief pack? Or more specifically a travelling car boot sale full of English peeps handing out much neglected Amiga’s to good countries. We care outsiders, we really do.

Speaking of relief, that came in the guise of a huge increase for England in terms of Amiga Systems. Nice. USA pressure has now been alleviated.

What can I say? It looks like if the Amiga was a country, it would undoubtedly be England.

There you have it. Till next time worldwide dudes.

*crowd on command*

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