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I'm down to two systems now that the A4000T PPC system has been sold.

1. A1200 (Desktop)

KickStart 3.1 ROMs, running OS3.9BB2.
Blizzard 1260 with SCSI Kit add-on (64MB RAM)
Prelude A1200 soundcard
20GB 2.5" HDD

Connected to a MicroVitec 1438S monitor...everything powered from a Power Computing 200watt PSU.

2. A1200 (Desktop)

KickStart 3.1 ROMs, running OS3.9BB2
Blizzard 1230 Mk.IV with SCSI Kit add-on (48MB RAM)
4GB 2.5" HDD

Connected to the same monitor, powered by standard 25watt PSU...soon to be replaced, hopefully, with a Goliath 200watt PSU.

I have a spare Blizzard 1260, which I may put into the second system...depends how Galahads updated SWOS installer runs on an '060 cpu.

I've also got a Wireless PCMCIA ethernet card on order...which should be here soon.

All thats left is an external (or internal) scan-doubler/flicker-fixer (I think the MicroVitec monitor will not last that much longer...) and a reliable SCSI CDRW drive.

I may mod the desktop case of one of the machines...silver and black, to match the monitor and mouse I will soon be getting...really need a CDTV keyboard though, so I can whip the black keys off it and use it on the modded case...
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