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Originally Posted by Jim
I didn't miss that. I still stand by my statement. You may have missed it, so let me repeat it:

how something can even be classed as "pretty much complete" when it misses 3D support & USB mass storage is a joke !
1. Engage your brain
2. carefully look at my first post.
3. try to spot the words "apart from that"

You'll find out that I said "apart from that it's pretty much complete". I didn't say "OS 4 is pretty much complete".

Nice try.

then it is a joke as minus 3d Support & USB Mass Storage is a pretty big thing these days.
Sure. But does it really matter what is missing? If I'd explain to you that both Mass Storage and 3D support are done and already available to beta testers, you'd spout some crap about "THEY'RE STILL NOT DONE???? - it's to late anyway", "only idiots will buy it", "the hardware is crap" or "it's just a relabeled Mac - they're raping the Amiga legend".
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