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Right... what I can see from here is....

2x A4000T (both working but in 'open box' state - desperately requiring a network card)
3x A1200 (one is my original 1993 one now with external A2000 keyboard, HD, CDROM, network card, 030 and 32meg of RAM that i've never been able to fill)
2x A600 (one with a HD - very cute)
a A1000 (that i've never been able to boot due to lack of disks - cool Kickstart screen though - still needs a keyboard)
a A2000 (could have been a 1500 as it has 2x Floppies, but has a HD as well)
a A3000 (ex US converted to PAL, but no PSU )
and a CD32!!!!

I'm pretty sure there's a couple of very yellow A500s and maybe a couple of 1200s in various states of disrepair in the loft

so almost a complete collection? and they all look fooking cool (however my missus is going mad)

oh yeah and 4 philips monitors to put them on...
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