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Two amigas to play with.

I picked up an Amiga 4000/030&882, 50MHz with 16mb fastram recently - still picking through the installed software - it's the first time I've played with OS 3.9, and I'm impressed.
Have also got a 1200 with blizzard 1230iv 50/50 & scsi kit - with 256mb ram, heh, heh, heh! Am waiting to get a cdROM on the 8ugger so I can install linux. Trounle is, although the RAM registers the SCSI bus doesn't - anyone come across this problem on the 1230ivSCSI before? (I plugged the scsi cable in back to front a while back, and I think this may have -ahem- affected things slightly - ooops!). Don't know if it's the accelerator board or the scsi board which is the problem there.
Am waiting for a micronik zorro busboard to arrive (via ebay), so will try the A2091 from my A4000 on the A1200, see if I can hook up a scsi CDrom that way.

Still, after messing about with the A4000, I just wish it could handle more RAM - 18mb just isn't enough to surf the web with, even with pictures disabled. Plus, no SSL so can't log onto eBay.
May have to sell the 4000, as can't afford to have both.
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