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Originally Posted by keropi
programmers not get paid, got screwed.... no os4... the same old story
As Korodny says, you are talking about the fabulous MorpOS... if you go to you can read this:

"Since july 2003, Genesi started to not pay their bills. They told it was a temporary problem and payments were on their way. They did so for months, while people kept working. They claimed many times to have issued payments. Those never arrived. Currently, at least the following persons related with MorphOS development are unpaid:

  • David Gerber: 26586 EUR
  • Stefan Stuntz: similar amount
  • Treveur Bretaudiere: 9680 EUR
  • Oliver Wagner: similar amount
If you feel you should be in that list, send a mail here.

Any new version of MorphOS for the Pegasos won't happen before the above counters reach zero.

2004-11-15: this page online"

IT'S incredible... always the same story...
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