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Originally Posted by keropi
programmers not get paid, got screwed....
You are talking about MorphOS, not AmigaOS 4. OS4 is fine.

Currently AmigaOne motherboards get shipped with a preview/beta version of AmigaOS 4. It lacks 3D support, can't handle USB mass storage devices and doesn't have a 68k JIT emulator yet (just a standard 68k emulator). Apart from that, it's pretty much complete.

The MicroA1-C ("consumer" version) is available now, the MicroA1-I ("industrial" version) should be available soon. The AmigaOne-XE is currently on hold, as they found a hardware problem that requires fixing (they have a fix, which is used on the MicroA1-C, they are currently adapting it to the A1-XE).

To get an overview about freeware currently available for OS4, check

Commercial software: Audio Evolution should be made available in the next few days, Pagestream 5 is undergoing testing right now. CygnusEd is finished, Olaf was searching for a publisher a month ago. There's lots stuff announced (ignition (spreadsheet), Hollywood / Hollywood Designer, CandyFactory, ArtEffect 4, Imagine, some AMOS clone (might be freeware, can't remember), SBase professional, Octamed Soundstudio, AmiAtlas...) but I don't know any schedules or release dates.
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