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I’ve been playing around with this new install last night and I can’t believe how different it feels in comparison to AIAB and ClassicWB. This is the great thing about the Amiga Workbench – people can create a unique and different OS environment due to the shear amount of customisable options available. Aminet really does rule.

For a first release, I’m impressed and it has some nice features. As I said before, this really is a “include everything” install, which makes it stand out as a different offering from both AIAB and ClassicWB P96. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is there are loads of goodies for a new user to dive right into and experiment with. MP3s, demos, games, MODS, loads of utilities, nice filemaster 3.0 setup, great boot pics, even a small ADF collection! Yes there is loads to keep you occupied before seeking out your own stuff to install – very enjoyable to play around with.

The disadvantage is the file size (not an issue for broadband peeps of course) and lack of simplicity/organisation connected with having a clean and “ready to customize” default offering.

Things that immediately strike me as needing further attention are easier access to programs; tidying the popup menu (multiple CDROM links are annoying); double click support for filetypes; clearing up of certain windows/icons and clearer legibility on the desktop.

Overall the base work has been done in order to offer something really cool to the community. Although the package is large like Paul mentions, I hope you continue to create a package with lots of extras and goodies, as that’s what makes it unique. Dialup users can stick with AIAB/ClassicWB so it’s not much of an issue. This AmigaSYS should continue to offer what the others do not.

Thanks for your hard work and I hope to see refined releases in the future!

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