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"CDDA_SwapMostLeast 2.0

CDDA_SwapMostLeast converts CDDA-files from CDDA_MostSignificant- (MOTOROLA) to CDDA_LeastSignificant- (INTEL) format and reverse. In version 2.0 some bugs have been fixed and additionally there is now a version with WarpOS support.

Link: Homepage

Sonic Fortress

Sonic Fortress is a little arcade game (screenshots: 1, 2) inspired by an old VC20 title.

Link: Homepage
Download: sonic.lha (442 KB)

codesets.library 1.1

The codesets.library supports programmers using different codepages and converting texts.

Link: Homepage


Two new packages have been added in v1.2: One of them is an update for make to version 3.81a2 the other installs CVS 1.10.8.

Link: Homepage
Download: CVS 1.10.8 Installer (710 KB), GNU Make 3.81a2 Updater (102 KB)"


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