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Hi, all!
THX for nice feedback (as ob total-emu )
You should look there for people uploading/sharing it, as I
do net even have internet-acces at home )...
I HOPE that all games do work with a standard CD32
(so no mouse/extension/keyboard required).
But maybe there are some left, which need extra-stuff...
F.e. it's hard to press the GO button in MarbleMadness with a joypad
in mouse-port (but it works )
DesertStrike wants you to press F10 (orF9?) to show you the
mission map, but you can play without it (I think)

PS: Oh,yes the iso is really big, just juggling around
with the last kbs...

PPS: @ enverex:
just have seen, that your atomnet-webmaster....
I like your HP and it's included in the on-cd-credits for some
months already
Would be nice, if you get the iso for upload...

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