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Amiga CD Sports Football - Basically TV Sports Football released on CD32 IIRC. Originally intended for release on CDTV, but not compatible with it. Think the proper name for this title is CD32 Sports Football.

Super Street Fighter 2 CD32 - Reviewed in Amiga Format (Nov 95). Little evidence otherwise of its existence.

International Open Golf Championship CD32 - Appears to exist. Quite rare.

Kang Fu CD/CD32 - Released for CD32 and A1200/4000 with CDROM drive. Utter shite!

Whales Voyage 2 CD - Think this was originally planned for CD32 release by neo. It never happened. Alive Mediasoft released a CD version in 1999. In their first media releases they did say it would run on CD32 also. Probably the only way of knowing would be to try the CD version on a CD32.

Winter Supersports CD32 - Doubt this was ever planned, let alone released.

The Final Gate CD32 - Released. Game was developed in the U.S. IIRC, so probably rarely sighted outside in other parts of the world. Noted for its use of CDXL in game sequences, but a very unremarkable game otherwise.

Lost in Mine - I've never heard of it, so can't comment.
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