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hmm i remember finding one shell in one of the asm_course.lha or asmcourse.lha from aminet and it had a ls function built in.

I might just find a list replacement :/. Or I may have to learn c and modify the commodore one =]

If you edit the Kickstart roms? can you use a standard burner to burn it back to a prom chip and slap her in your A1200? Or is this another topic?

sorry andreas. Your alternative idea is a good idea, a bit long tho. Looks like UNIX shell programming.

I have no idea what the .key and .bra in your scrip do, as my A600HD and A1200HD were 2nd hand I didn't receive the manuals so I really don't know how to fully utilise AmigaDOS from KS 2.0+

And also with your script do I edit s:shell-startup (or what ever its called) and call it.

"list #? la" alias newlistscript ;??

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