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I don't get what is so special about Turrican II !

I knew before this poll even started that Turrican II would win, EAB is full of T2 fans ! Heck, I bet even RCK will vote for Turrican II as I think that's his favourite game too.

I don't get what's so special about it? OK, it had some OK music, graphics weren't so bad.

But it was just a 8-way platform game, where you could shoot in a straight line, or hold your gun and shoot in a circle. It had big levels, but was this a good or a bad thing? It was a good game, but it wasn't great, and it certainly wasn't special and seemed more preocuppied with following the Megadrive/SNES than innovating which is what Lemmings which I voted for did.

Whilst it's great to see the work Freakyweekywoo is doing, I hope the end result of all this is not the 10 Best Amiga Games, 1986-1996 or something. Even though it's an impossible task (I wouldn't want to do the work) I think the World Cup idea I suggested a year or so ago is a more interesting/fair/balanced approach?
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