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nearly completed without cheating:

back in the days a friend and me used to have amiga-sessions, playing the big adventures on two amigas sitting next to each other. guess how funny these mixed lucasfilm soundtracks were with both monitors on. we always did that for a long weekend not leaving the house at all. this was a way to solve puzzles faster, always discussing what one should try next and moving in different directions to complete the whole plot. but at last we always walked the same way.

but when we played indy and the fate of atlantis something strange happened. we were not moving on for hours until my friend discovered a cupboard with a book in it. great, i thought and opened EXACTLY the same cupboard ...WITH NOTHING IN IT. so after checking everything i could have missed i did not find my mistake and copied his savegame to complete. we both played the original version! STRANGE...

i also had my probs with cruise for a corpse, at a late point - even looking in different solutions. i think some door didn´t open or some conversation bringing you further didn´t appear and there was nothing else to do anymore.

can hardly remember a completed action like game except lotus2 and banshee without cheats (but 2players). but nearly every worthy point and click adventure!

failed with legend of kyrandia and jim power, because they were bad pirated versions!!

...and jim power still tickles my fingers... don´t ask me why but i like it much more than the turrican series ...and don´t beat me!!

greetz, ebster.
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