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impossible to complete: dragon ninja, or was it shadow warrior? it was the one where you can build up fire and when you do you guy makes a crazy sound. a bit like, "huuuuut-NAAAY!". one of those very memorable amiga sound effects. the reason it was impossible? well, on level 2 you have to jump from the rig of a lorry onto the trailer. its a very small gap that anybody else could just walk across. the only way we could get past it was to stay on the rig until we were scrolled off and fell down the gap and under the wheels. hey we lost a life, but at least it put us back onto the trailer. problem is, a few levels later there is a similar problem, but this time its with a multiple-carriaged train. we saw the final engine but we never got onto it.

megalomania was fun for a level or two, then it got insanely hard and we gave up. sharpest difficulty curve ive ever seen in a game. almost a right angle.
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