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There's also Qwak, Robocod, both "Amiga originals" , and they are both great. There's also Wiz 'n' Liz, that came from the Mega-Drive

I think Fury of the Furries is also rather cute too.

And, of course, Trolls. Trolls sometimes get a higher cutesy rating than Rodland or Rainbow Islands (And those are already in the limit of being cute)

Shame I don't know any cute'em up for Amiga. There's any available?

But, after all this, for me the most cute game ever, one that makes you want to puke for being SOOOO cute, is a game called "Rolo to the Rescue" for Mega-Drive (From Vectordean, the same creators of James Pond).

Everything in this game is too damn cute, the heroes, the enemies, the bosses, the music, the SFX, it makes you want to give the game a big hug, bring it home and make it happy.

It's great also if you have a girlfriend who hates your computer games, show her this one , and she will go like "oooohhh, how cute this is.."

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