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Ottawa Amiga Show 2004: Schedule

The show will take place on Saturday, November 20th in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at Routhier Centre located at 172 Guiges Street in Ottawa's market area. Admission is free!!

There will be two demonstrations of Amiga OS 4.0 (beta) at 1:00 pm and at 3:00 pm featuring Adam Kowalczyk and Steven Solie who are both OS4.0 beta testers and are heavily involved in the development of Amiga OS4.0. The 1:00pm demonstration will go over the basics of Amiga OS4.0, and the 3:00pm demonstration will be more in depth. user group will be at the show as well as Livewire Systems with special deals. On hand will be a large amount of AmigaOne Micro 'C' boards on hand for immediate purchase at a special show price. Custom orders (complete systems/bundles) can be ordered at the show and delivered well before Christmas.

The show opens to the public at noon and closes at four pm, followed by a supper at Patty Bolands open to everyone.

There is a map available as well as a list of near by hotels.

Friday, November 19
Show Set up, and dinner, location TBA
Saturday, November 20
12:00 pm Show opens
1:00 pm First Amiga OS4.0 Demo (basics)
3:00 pm Second Amiga OS4.0 Demo (advanced)
4:00 pm show closes & teardown
5:00 pm supper at Patty Bolands (101 Clarence Street) until...
Sunday, November 21
10:00 am Brunch at Patty Bolands

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