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I'm 99% sure that there is no other way than either using a replacement tool, or than writing a small script, like this, for instance:

.key arg
.bra {
.ket }
run >nil: list >PIPE:tmp{$$} {arg} nohead
sort PIPE:tmp{$$} to *
The above is for bog-standard OS 2.x/3.x and meant to be a workaround. A perfect solution is below!
But at least it also works on any OS >= 2.04+
Save it to a name of your choice (eg 'listit') and apply the script (s) bit so that it gets executed without 'execute':

protect listit s add
NOTE: this script still supports all list commands, so listit #?.lha will list all LHA archives!

This usenet post may also come in handy, unfortunately though, the mentioned List42_7 has been withdrawn from Aminet.


Consider that the pipe handler shipped with OS 2.x/3.0/3.1 is not able to correctly pipe between commands, hence it may be regarded as 'partly broken'!
- Get working PIPE from Aminet (by Osma Ahvenlampi).
- Copy pipe to C:
- Make two S:shell-startup modifications as described in the docs of the new pipe handler (inside the *.lha) and reboot the Amiga.

And now do this simple line henceforth:

list #? | sort in: out:
You may as well try this on bog-standard OS 2.04 or 3.0/3.1 - it will NOT work! (Guaranteed! )

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