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I would personally really like to see this game make the light of day. Unfortunately like most small-to-medium developers Team17 are at the whim (or should I say whip?) of the publishers who provide funding for their games and ultimately have a say in what's Hot, what's Not and whatknot. In a way I'm rather gutted that Infogrames opted not to publush any future Team17 titles - Infogrames/Hasbro/Microprose/Ocean gave Team17 a lot of leeway. What destroyed that relationship, however, was Microprose' insistance that they make a 3D Worms game there and then. They were adamant that they could do it themselves, too. The end result? Hogs of War. 'Nuff said.

One of the thigns I discovered recently was that AB2K4/2K5 was powered by the same engine that created the Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance games.
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