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No need for any trainers, although you should really be playing this game with a friend – one player is poor in comparison to co-operative play. As you can see by the screen size, this was designed as a two player. I think one player was added as an after thought as the puzzles later in the game only shine in two player mode requiring cooperation to continue. One player kind of hacks the puzzles in order to let a single person get by. Plus you can have death matches and play tricks on your friends and kill them (and yourself) by accident using certain spells

To your question. When starting the game, recruit then dismiss all characters to steal their gold before deciding on your final team to soldier on with. This gives you a head start and will adorn you with enough cash until you build up your chaos (yellow) spells. At a certain level, you’ll get a spell called Alchemy. Murlock (the best character in the game IMO) is the quickest at achieving this spell as chaos magic is native to him. Plus he gets the almighty disrupt before others too.

This spell is a lifesaver. It will change any object held in the casters hand to gold! Read on this site for more info on spells as they are key part of the game.

The only real time you need to speak to monsters in the original Bloodwych (not datadisk) is 1) for weapons and armour (pay attention to the monsters colour) where you can get some advanced goodies before they appear in rooms 2) Perhaps for food if it's short 3) Finally, keeping them busy while preparing spells. In two player you can use communicate to get out of tight situations or distract a monster while your friend attacks.

Another hint - when you get the spell "illusion", it's ideal for creating a blue "fat jabber" that can be used to buy food from in famine situations. These can then be disposed of very easily after having your way.

Loads more key skills that can be discovered in the game - it's more complex than many people think. For instance, having two heavy weapons (eg axe, longsword) in either hand produces worse hit points than holding only one. Lighter weapons however can be more potent by using one in each hand.

EDIT: If you are determined to use a trainer even after this fine advice, I remember something called a "Character Editor" that could change save game files. Think it was on the LSD Docs disks, not sure. Might be worth a search on Google.

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