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Just reading the above posts, i'd like to say i too don't think piracy killed the amiga. amiga games that came out while the amiga was still being made where using the existing hardware to a quite a high amount of its potential, realisticly, there where many many many games, and simply the only way to appropriately compete with the pc at the time would have been to have pc-beating 3d games.... now it is possible to run 3d games on the amiga as we all know, but to have beaten the pc, the amiga definitly needed better original from the factory hardware. even if the "walker" project had been released, i'm sure that would have sold a few more amiga's, but realisticly, the hardware was starting to lag behind pc's. hell, if piracy killed the amiga, what are we all doing on this board, discussing the amiga, programming the amiga, emulating the amiga, porting aros, downloading demos/games from back2roots etc etc. admittedly a large number of software houses dumped the amiga citing "software piracy" but at the end of the day, if you are in business, and your market is shrinking, you move to an expanding market. the amiga market didnt just shrink, it became absolutely stationary. for years. i', just glad there are still companies supporting the classic amiga, but i think the old business model of OS tied to proprietry hardware has gone.
Additionally, almost EVERYONE knows playstation1/2 titles can be pirated with suitable chip / yaroze, and lo-and-behold, the new Grand Theft Auto has just become the fastest selling game in history. which reminds me i need to fix my ps2, i cant get my emulator working......

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