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Just one other thing and that is i think piracy will always be with us....on anything. If it can be copied someone will try.
BUT !!!
Games now are far better value than what they once were. We play games we dreamed of in the Amiga Days so i think if you really like or want a game you buy it anyway...Demos for instance.....if you dont like the demo you wont buy the game...I think as games get cheaper then piracy will slow down a bit.
OR.....If blank DVD's were 15 pounds each it wouldnt be worth the hassle so theres a lot of people to blame......They give you the means to do it then moan when you do

Gamecube drives i belive rotate backwards making games near impossible to copy and thats an expensive procedure but if they all tried it no doubt there would be DVD writers available within 6 months with forward and reverse

All this kind of makes putting a few ADF's that are 20 years old on a DVD seem pretty trivial doesnt it

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