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Originally Posted by Matfink
i don't think that's quite true. the gamecube is far more popular in japan than the xbox, and it's nothing to do with how mod-able it is or isn't - it's because the games available appeal more to the japanese market than all the sports sims and the like on the xbox. the business model console manufacturers employ means that the losses on hardware are so great that every pirated game is a huge problem for them. i'm quite sure that if MS et al could kill off piracy once and for all they would.
You may well be right in Japan
There are a lot of games produced there that we dont see most being a kind of Anime i think. and they do love nifty little square things dont they

As my post shows above MS could prevent there xbox being modded easily but they dont ....Why they dont is the real question.

XBOX2 ???? Who knows.....Still on paper i think but the last i heard MS stated it wouldnt be backward compatable for games and there was UPROAR on the forums......The next day a statement was put out by MS that nothing was definate yet !!!
Just because you have a modded XBOX doesnt mean you must be a pirate you can emulate just about anything its so cool. Had the mod been fitted as standard MS could have wiped the console market off the floor.....Hmmm Perhaps thats their secret intention which is why they have been so helpfull to modders ......Worth a thought

But the Gamecube does have Rogue Squadron II Lucky sods

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