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The main positive aspect about the Gamecube is that it takes risks. Could you really imagine Super Monkey Ball or Animal Crossing being so popular on the X-Box? (I know that a version of SMB is being translated across but it looks pretty terrible)

I know the Gamecube can be hacked via the BBA but it is impossible to make a disc based copy of a game. The reason in England anyway, that the Gamecube isn't as popular is due to poor or non-existant advertising, a life time for games to be released in this market (AC anyone? Mario Tennis?) and the fact that males between 15-30 don't want to risk their masculinity by bying something 'cute'. The adverts depicting tanned 6ft models playing on their X-boxes is pure crap, game shops are still full of the trainspotting types that were associated with gaming 10-15 years ago.

Maybe Nintendo were on to loser by trying to involve the female market.

"If it don't involve guns, bitches and cars it ain't for me! Homey!"

Anyway, we are getting off-topic................
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