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Originally Posted by Peanutuk
The Gamecube?
Nintendo have a unique position. Ever since the release of the NES they have always promoted themselves as being family friendly - in fact if you know of the Mortal Kombat debacle, you'll know that the colour of the blood had to be changed from red to green before Nintendo would license it for sale.

Parents have been 'brainwashed' into thinking that by buying a Nintendo console, their kids won't be 'subjected' to the more mature themes that titles on other consoles may offer. It's a safe option.

To help protect this image, Nintendo implemented extremely good security - not least of which was the proprietary disc format. They know that parents will know that it is the most secure system so Mr and/or Mrs average will most likely decide on to surprise little Johnny with a Nintendo console for Christmas.

The Gamecube isn't as secure as Nintendo have led people to believe BUT it is a pain to get around the security. (PSO exploit anyone?!)

BTW, this family friendly image is slowly disappearing though because those same kids who grew up with the NES and SNES now have children of their own. They may well want to protect their children from the more violent of titles but can also remember when would have rather had played mortal kombat on the Sega rather than the Nintendo.

And what I've written above isn't the be-all-and-end-all. As someone pointed out, the Gamecube is huge in the Japanese market and so the high security does protect Nintendo's assets somewhat.

In reply to Synchro, you are correct about the LPC header. The removal of this would have resulted in the collapse of the XBOX mod business as it is now. AFAIK, it isn't needed for diagnosis or repair of the boards so why leave it there - especially considering there are 6 revisions of motherboard!

As Hal said, it wouldn't mean the xbox was now un-hackable but would make it a lot more difficult or even only software exploitable (like the gamecube)

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