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Originally Posted by synchro
Well it kind of can be done through your PC but ok
This does prove a point though. Xbox and PS2 sell better than gamecube

In fact last i heard the low sales are stopping software houses making games for it which IRONOICLY looks like they would rather risk the piracy and still make more money than produce games for a safe machine that isnt the most popular ??
I think it was discussed on "Gamesville" a few weeks ago if anyone watches that.
i don't think that's quite true. the gamecube is far more popular in japan than the xbox, and it's nothing to do with how mod-able it is or isn't - it's because the games available appeal more to the japanese market than all the sports sims and the like on the xbox. the business model console manufacturers employ means that the losses on hardware are so great that every pirated game is a huge problem for them. i'm quite sure that if MS et al could kill off piracy once and for all they would.

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