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Nice one C16

Andyr Thanks for that constructive and amazing support on my rant

I would like to just clear one thing up though. If i thought for one minute that NOT making my DVD would save the Amiga i would abort it instantly but in reality at this stage of the Amiga's life it just wouldnt happen even if everyone stopped. In fact i think it would die even faster than anyone of us could imagine. I think Piracy on the Amiga is old and in the past. Its preservation that now holds the key. Perhaps someone that emulates may decide to buy a real Amiga it doesnt have to be all negative.

Changing the subject slightly ( you will love this )......As Andyr stated about XBOX i have followed this story since the 1.2 version and this is how it worked.

1...Xbox 1.2 released...A place for a chip is already there ???..... It neednt be....But it is ????
2...People complain modding is awkward as the holes for the plug are filled with solder.
3...Xbox 1.3 is released and to the amazement of the modders not only are the holes still there but they kindly removed the solder

3...Xbox 1.4 released........yup!!! holes still there
4...Xbox 1.5 guessed it
5...Xbox 1.6 released........Slightly different wiring...holes still there more reliable for modding than ever ( is this crazy or what )

The fact is by removing the holes they could make EVERY chip on the net useless in 24 hours. The loss of stock alone would bankrupt most. So why are Microsoft so Generous ???? Well someone stated once before i think.....Who wants a console you cant Mod !!!

My point is its not like they are REALLY trying is it

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