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Piracy killed the Amiga, with a lot of help from assholes in suits at Commodore. There's no point arguing about it or blaming people now cause it's too late, thankfully something good did come out of the piracy (preservation of virtually every floppy), but even better CAPS is putting things right by preserving the games as they should be preserved.

Some guy downloading every TOSEC file and making his own DVD's is OK, maybe he has a bit of a rom-whore problem but he's not hurting anyone. The same guy can even distribute the DVD's to his friends who don't have the time/connection to download what they want.

But as soon as someone starts selling DVD's on ebay then they are an asshole. If anyone should be making money from "obsolete" games then it should be the original authors.

If you really want to preserve your Amiga hardware you'd be best not to use it and store it in a temperature controlled fire-proof room in the dark. It might just survive longer than you ready for your grandkids to break it or sell it on ebay.

If you want to have fun with your Amiga then use it, let it turn yellow and get cigarette ash on the keyboard - you're not preserving a piece of vanilla white/yellow plastic - you're preserving memories, best to use them before you become obsolete.

And along with all of the above there's always WinUAE.
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