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What are you talking about? You may have some good points but I am really struggling to understand what you are saying towards the end.

Obviously as time goes by hardware will fail but there isn't exactly a shortage of A500s and A1200s and they can easily be obtained for the right money. As for the support, well there is the user support that this and other forums offer, often a lot better than most official support structures and there are several companies that still sell Amiga hardware , such as power computing, who will offer support.

As for the 'scene' in the future, your suggestion (if I am reading it right) that the death of the real hardware will increase the emphasis upon emulation is fairly obvious but I cannot see how this will necesserily increase the amount of users "ten" fold. If anything surely the fact that people may not be witnessing the Amiga first hand will result it slipping out of the popular memory of a new generation?

If emulation increases then ROM owners (and I presume you mean the kickstart ROMS and not 'ROMZ') will be far less willing to drop their copyright as they will be making more money.

I really don't understand what you mean when you talk about turning off your DVD.
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