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My Amiga Rant !!!

Ok guys just something i want to get off my chest.

This is aimed at Amiga train spotters as i call them ( totally against homebrew stuff for the community )

Heres my theory

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the Amiga was born and it was the best thing since sliced bread. For years we invested our hard earned cash into this machine and supported it through thick and thin.

Then one day the Amiga died not through evolution like the C64 but through the internal workings of its own company. We were left with hundreds of pounds worth of equipment with a new value of about £40 to £50.

All was not lost!!! As the PC grew from a 4 colour word processor to the games machine it is today ( again probably thanks to the Amiga's downfall ) UAE was created and Emulation gave us new hopes as we thought..... Ha!! Ha!!.....Amiga isnt dead....I can play all my old games again and do so much more
Thankfully Pirates ( yes Pirates ) converted games to ADF and uploaded them to the internet in fact its pretty fair to say they saved the Amiga and kept the interest going making it into the community it is today.

NOW!!!! I love the Amiga in fact i still have two A500's and a A1200 which i use on a regular basis but ask yourself this !!! What happens when they finally die ???

1...Who can i contact
2...Where can i get amiga hardware support
3...Where can i buy a new one
4...Who is producing new games

My theory is in 10 to 15 years emulation will be all thats left. Roms will be legal and People will look back and think thank god some people kept it all alive. One thing is for sure and that is this community will be ten times the size !!!
So when some ANORACK says to me ...." You can use your DVD as long as your Amiga is turned off at the time ".... FFS !!! How sad does that sound and of course we all do that when emulating dont we......QUICK TURN OFF WINUAE......FOR GODS SAKE TURN IT OFF MY AMIGAS STILL ON .....PHEW THAT WAS CLOSE !!!

So thats where i stand im afraid which is Preservation at ANY cost. Now dont get me wrong. I have bought Amiga forever and fully support any efforts of real Amiga revival but just in case.........Tribute 2 will be there

Thanks for letting me Rant guys !!!!!
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