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Hey! The Gamecube is produced here in Brazil!

Only 4 systems are being produced here in Brazil: SMS, Mega-Drive, GBA and . . Gamecube. Up until recently, SNES were being produced, but I think it's not being anymore..

Historically, from what I know, in a commercial point of view, NES sold a lot more than the SMS and the Mega-Drive sold more than the SNES.

If you ask my personal opinion... The SMS has a much superior hardware than the NES, but its library of games isn't as good as the NES one, though it has some excellent games too.

Comparing both SNES and Mega-Drive in the hardware aspects only isn't that easy. The SNES had more colors on screen and the Mode7 chip which could do wonders, but the Mega-Drive CPU was faster, which gave it a bigger advantage in action games... if you compare both library of games, they both had a good library.. but I'll stick with the Mega-Drive anyday

And pirated stuff is common here in Brazil.. of ANY kind... NES 50-in-1 carts are easy to find, so is pirated games for gameboy, and PSX and PS2 ORIGINAL games are RARE, everyone has dozens of pirated games, but it's rare to find an original PSX game.. Same goes for the X-Box...
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